Thermo - SİM ready for use insulation material is currently available in craft paper packages each of plaster powder and easily applied to all exterior surfaces (bricks, exposed concrete formworks, finished surfaces in three thickness per m ².
   Thermo -
SİM insulation material is directly applied on to the surfaces
after  ensuring that there is no undulations or spacings between the bricket-rafter-riser surfaces and that the surfaces are level with their plumb line.

   The facade of the building is equipped with the reserved chirozes of
at appropriate spacings before the actual plaster work is started.

Thermo - SİM heat insulation material in one original package is COMPLETELY  poured in to a vessel. 4 liter clean water in due amount is added to the material to be mixed up in the mixer that should be prepared in advance.

The mixing procedure should be maintained at least 6 minutes until dry polimer content of
Thermo - SİM material is fully dissolved in the mixture as to provide a high adhesion level. NO ADMIXTURE is permitted in use with Thermo - SİM.